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Being respected by name and reputation alone? Turning heads as you walk down the street? Being asked for autographs? The public life of the famous seems glamorous and desirable for many of us. While some get lucky by accident, wikiHow can teach you how to take advantage of your opportunities to become famous, how you want to be famous: by doing what you love.

1. Decide what you'll be famous for. Do you want to out-cook Gordon Ramsay? Do you want to record duets with Beyonce or sell novels like J.K. Rowling? Selecting a fame-worthy career is the first step toward becoming famous.

2. Be the best. Sounds simple, right? To become famous at whatever it is you hope to become famous for requires that you perfect the craft of that particular thing. Devote yourself entirely to developing your skills. If you want to record rap music, or become a pro football player, you have to throw yourself into that world completely...

Знаменитые Люди России

Тесты про Знаменитых Людей из России

Данные тесты про Знаменитых Людей из России включают в себя задания на лексику, грамматику и аудирование/видео.

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Здесь есть тесты, которые можно сделать в режиме он-лайн или на компьютере. А также, принять участие в опросах или посмотреть.

Знаменитые Люди Европы

Тесты про Знаменитых Людей Европы

Данные тесты про жизнь знаменитых людей Европы на основе материалов, взятых с новостных каналах.