English in Movies

Английский в фильмах

Movies are already part of ones journey, as a matter of fact; there are some who believes that movies are just screen (and even digital) versions of their own lives. Like music, some movies depicts the true emotions of the creators; it could sometimes be a remake of real life events or about a persons wildest dreams. There are even some horror filme which are too realistic that some people feel as if its already telling the story of their lives.

English learners have a big advantage over learners of other languages: Hollywood is in America and it makes English-language movies. So, if you know English and you like movies, why don’t you watch movies in English? You can have fun and, at the same time, learn a lot of English.

Learning English by watching movies is learning by input. The learning process is similar. First you get lots of correct English sentences into your head. Then you can imitate them and you can make your own sentences. And isn’t that why you are learning English — to be able to make your own sentences? That is why watching movies (just like reading books) is such a great way to learn English.

Фильмы (Общий Тест)

Тесты про фильмы

Данные тесты про фильмы включают в себя задания на лексику, грамматику и аудирование/видео.

Интерактивные штучки

Тесты про фильмы

Данные тесты можно сделать в режиме он-лайн или скачать и сделать на компьютере. И принять участие в опросах!


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