Listening to Dialogues

Слушаем диалоги

People develop not only comprehension skills in English by watching English movies (films) and other programmes on video, on TV or on the Internet, or by listening to BBC English, the Voice of America and other programmes and audio/video recordings for learning English. People also listen to and learn different accents and peculiarities of English usage in real life settings in different English speaking countries by native English speakers in terms of pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and style (formal and informal English). Informal English includes colloquial, slang and dialectal usage. People can watch English feature films, news, documentary movies, educational programmes (travel, country study, etc.) and other programmes of one's interest (interviews, discussions, debates on many issues, sport, etc).

It would be useful to watch programmes with diverse content to encompass a variety of important topics and issues of daily life. In my view good feature films show scenes, events, situations, human relations and actions that ordinary people often experience in life. Good feature films reflect real life events (for example films with historical plot), have interesting and educational content and are morally and psychologically positive and edifying. Good feature films meet spiritual and entertainment needs of people to a certain extent among other things.Documentary movies, travel, news, country study and other educational programmes/videos are also informative. It is a good idea to practise speaking and discussions of issues in English after watching English movies and other programmes.It is helpful for learners and teachers of English to watch, to collect and to record movies (films) and other programmes with good useful content in English to develop better English skills.

Диалог про машину

Angry about a car

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Диалог о предстоящей пьянке

Let's get drunk

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Диалог о предстоящей помолвке

I want to propose

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Диалог о планах на выходные

Plans for Saturday

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